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I am 60 years old. I have been taking arthritis medication since I was 25 years old. When I came to Dr. Bello in the middle of January, I was hardly able to walk.

I had arthritis in my right knee and a bone spur on the inside of my left heel. Seven months prior, I had been seeing a foot doctor. He gave me a cortisone injection for the pain. The next day, I went to my arthritis doctor. He gave me a sugar test and it was over 500 resulting in no more cortisone injections for the pain. Additionally, 5 years ago my left knee was replaced. When they did the replacement of my knee, they straightened the leg out which made that leg about ½ inch longer than my right. This caused me to walk with a limp, which made my hips hurt.

I decided to try chiropractic and heard good things about Dr. Rolando.

I came in 1 day a week for the first 2 months. I cannot believe the difference. I now take no medicine at all. He got my right leg as straight as my left. No Surgery! No Limp!
Now I go see Dr. Rolando once a week. I have no more pain. For the 1st time in the last 10 years I feel great. I have gone shopping for my 7 kids, their spouses, and my 20 grand children and 3 great grand-children. I can do my own housework, shop and decorate the Christmas tree. I now work 6 days a week, 8-hours a day as a cook. I just feel good. I am now able to attend festivals and fairs and do things I have been missing out on. I owe all my thanks to Dr. Rolando!

P.S. I feel like I’m 40 now.


I suffered with brief periods of middle back pain for 4 years and relied upon Tylenol to stop the pain. Then in spring 2014 I started experiencing periods of lower back pain. The lower back pain became so severe that I was having trouble walking upstairs and completing daily activities.

That is when I started Chiropractic care with Dr. Rolando to correct the problem instead of masking the pain with Tylenol.

I experience noticeable relief from the pain starting with the first adjustment. Within 4 weeks my back had improved. After 5 weeks, I was no longer experiencing back pain and my back felt so much stronger. I now have been completely free of back pain for three years under chiropractic care and look forward to continue care to strengthen my back so I can continue to be pain free for life without surgery!

I cannot thank you enough.  You’ve given me my life back.



It started with mild back pains over a weeks’ time and my sister advised me to visit with Dr. Bello. I was extremely nervous so instead I visited my family medical doctor, who gave me some pain medicine and set me up for a MRI.

The pain was so bad I could BARELY walk. Finally, I caved and made my appointment with Dr. Bello. Literally, after my FIRST VISIT, I felt better!

Needless to say, I canceled my MRI appointment. I got results a lot faster than I expected. I would recommend ANYONE that is nervous about visiting a chiropractor to see Dr. Bello. He is EXTREMELY gentle and will walk you through the whole process so you are completely at ease before any adjustment are performed.

I’ll definitely be recommending him to my family and friends.


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I had literally tried EVERY fad on the market – diet pills, weight-loss shakes, you name it. I attended one of Dr. Bello’s Weight Loss Seminars and started the Purification Program the week following.

Between weekly exercise visits in combination with Vibration Therapy within 60 days I lost 30 pounds!! NEVER did I expect this type of result.  I complete the Purification Program now twice a year and continue to work on the Vibration Machine for maintenance when it’s recommended by Dr. Bello.

THIS IS A PROGRAM I WILL STICK WITH FOR LIFE & I FEEL YOUNG AND HAVE MY CONFIDENCE BACK!!  There are no words to thank you enough.  You’ve given me myself back!


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I was in a motor vehicle collision last year which really scared me.  After 40 stitches in the head, a hospital stay, some drugs and continuous neck pain, I finally decided to see a Chiropractor.

I have NEVER looked back.  Not only did Dr. Bello work with my lawyer to submit documentation of my injuries for compensation, I have never received the type of one-on-one care I have from another healthcare professional. I now continue to see Dr. Bello twice a month for maintenance and slowly but surely I am getting back on my feet.

He’s the BEST!!



During the last few years I have been under chiropractic care from time to time with various chiropractors.  A little over a year ago I underwent radiation treatments for breast cancer.

Following that treatment my whole back ached most of the time and the only relief I could get would be to go to bed or lay flat on the floor. I do not like taking pain medication and only used Advil, which dulled the pain but did not relieve it totally. Over the next few months my back continued to get worse and other symptoms began to appear. I could not stand for more that a couple of minutes at a time. I could not bend over to pick anything up. I could not walk more than a few feet at a time. I even had trouble sitting in a chair. My left knee, which had been a problem off and on for a couple of years became more of a problem. Also, I could not turn my head around far enough to be able to back my car up in the driveway.

I suffered with these conditions for six months and during that time moved my residence 80 miles to the Rochester area. After a month in Rochester, I decided I could not stand the pain and incapacitation any longer and went to Bridgewater Chiropractic where I met Dr. Rolando Bello.  

At Bridgewater Chiropractic I was given an exam wherein several problems were discovered and treatments were begun. I felt relief after the first adjustment, but continued adjustments over the next few months brought total improvement. In addition,   I have also been in the rehabilitation program (strength training) for my back and knee which has reinforced the adjustments and massage therapy to the point that I no longer have pain anywhere!

Chiropractic has brought me back to a life without pain and with freedom of movement that I haven’t experienced in a number of years. I have always been a positive type person, but as with everyone else, living in pain and unable to function normally can be a very depressing existence.

I highly recommend Dr. Rolando, and I plan to continue to receive chiropractic care and follow the exercise program at home that has been suggested to me I order to maintain my new-found pain-free life.

I want to thank Dr. Bello for caring enough to help me get my health back; for being cheerful and positive and supportive as I have gone through this process; and, for lifting my spirits and keeping me laughing when all I wanted to do was give up and quit.

As a result, I feel healthy and younger.



Thank you, Dr. Rolando!!

Over the past few months I've noticed a number of changes. The first was that I was able to breathe more deeply and slowly. Persistent insomnia was alleviated, and I became more flexible and better able to relax. Perhaps, the most astonishing thing was the way I was able to handle one of the most stressful periods of my life, a four-month period marked by overwork, financial difficulty, and the deaths of loved ones.

This weekend, following a particularly dramatic adjustment I drove seven hours down to D.C. and back. Predictably, there was sharp lower back pain at the end of the drive. But instead of persisting, it went away the next day -- after falling into an old pattern, my spine was able to correct itself. Pretty exciting after all these years of pain...

You are amazing!!



I have NO more soreness on the bottom of my feet and this had been severe pain for me for soooo long! I can touch my toes, move my neck around without pain, and my pelvis seems to be involved in walking (it used to seem frozen in place). I haven't taken a sleeping pill or a Valium in three weeks. I did go through a week or so of feeling tired (headaches...) when I first began, but that was small potatoes compared to the results so far....

Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU, DR. ROLANDO!!



When I first began chiropractic care, I received an adjustment that released something in my shoulders and I don't recall ever feeling such ease and sense of relaxation.

I thought I was one of those people that didn’t know how to relax! Breakthroughs like this are worth the days of confusion and frustration that for me accompany change from the inside out. This treatment process is affecting change in my life physically, emotionally and psychologically.

I have become a HUGE advocate of chiropractic care due to Dr. Bello!



My right shoulder had bothered me for three years and now, I have been free of shoulder pain since my 4th visit. I am so excited about this healing! I find this place is a refuge... it's peaceful and loving and you feel it when you step in the door. I am excited about the changes that are happening.

I felt rather cynical at first. I hurt as I lay on the table and wondered, "How can this possibly help?"

As the days passed, the pain lessened and I felt a slow release of fear. All my pain was from fear and I was shedding it. Now, when the tension starts to creep in (my shoulder), I'm willing to release it.

Thank YOU, Dr. Bello!



I have noticed incredible changes in my body, mind, and spirit since starting Chiropractic in September, 2013.  I have noticed that I feel incredibly free of stress and tension which allows me to be more spontaneous, loving and compassionate in all I do. My body is fluid and flexible.

I have not needed any prescription anti-inflammatory or sinus pills and have thrown out the bottles!

This was an astounding discovery for me. I've noticed that I flow with life rather that the pass peaks and valleys. I feel ten years younger and understand the signals from all of me (body and spirit). It's easier to watch life unfold and enjoy it all. My spine is straighter and more flexible.

You are truly amazing, Dr. Bello. Thank you.



I had been injured at work and was unable to sit without being in tremendous pain. I went to Dr. Bello on the recommendation of my brother.

Through his educating me and his treatments, within months I was able to sit without pain. But even more importantly, the fibromyalgia that I had been diagnosed with four years before and was being treated with DRUGS, had diminished. I stop taking all my medicine and four months after I started getting adjustments I had absolutely no symptoms. My headaches stopped, my muscle pain stop, and I was sleeping through the night. I feel healthy and alive again. I feel light running through my body freely.

I now have my children ages 10 and 14 also going to see Dr. Bello. My teenager who is over 6 feet tall does not experience the pain of his bones growing and has been able to increase his physical power. My 10 year old who is a classified student has improved academically and verbally is able to think more clearly. He has also lost over 16 pounds and feels good inside his body. When I had to have thyroid surgery, I continued my adjustments with Dr. Rolando. He treated me differently and has been helping my body adjust to the trauma. I did not take any pain killers or drugs of any kind when I left the hospital. It was not needed. He kept my body flowing on itself. Chiropractors are not Gods and don't claim to be. But...they are angels. Dr. B has helped me to make my life a healthy one and a much happier one.

Thank you for the bottom of my heart.



September is the month that marks two years since I have been involved with chiropractic care under Dr. Bello. I truly believe that I would be in a wheel chair and on all sorts of medication if I had not had a friend recommend me to him. I am an LPN and knew what was happening to me; but, my "health plan" would not even let me go for an evaluation! I am 58 years old not currently on any medications, and rarely have to take any. I no longer have sinus infections, need sprays for my allergies, etc.

You have sincerely changed my life, Dr. Rolando.


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  • "I was in a motor vehicle collision last year which really scared me. After 40 stitches in the head, a hospital stay, some drugs and continuous neck pain, I finally decided to see a Chiropractor. I have NEVER looked back. Not only did Dr. Bello work with my lawyer to submit documentation of my injuries for compensation, I have never received the type of one-on-one care I have from another healthcare professional. I now continue to see Dr. Bello twice a month for maintenance and slowly but surely I am getting back on my feet."
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